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This page lists the available binary releases of the Taglets Collection. If you are interested in a source release please head over to the development section and check out the source setup page.

Taglets Version 2.x

Latest Release

Taglets Collection 2.0.3, 2008/03/30 13:49:50
Quick download link: taglets-2.0.3.zip

Distribution Contents

The following subsection lists the available binary releases of the Taglets Collection. The links in the table below are direct download links. To get an overview of all release packages please visit the SourceForge project download page.

Note: Do not be surprised by the size of the distribution archive.
The download is huge due to the fact the the archive contains a self-contained distribution including complete documentation, sources as well as the JavaDoc. The actual taglets JAR archive contained for use with JavaDoc is only a couple of kilobytes in size.

Binary Releases

Version Build Date Download
2.0.3 30 2008/03/30 13:49:50 taglets-2.0.3.zip «Release Notes»
2.0.2 29 2007/10/23 13:46:31 taglets-2.0.2.zip «Release Notes»
2.0.0 27 2007/05/07 13:48:55 taglets-2.0.0.zip «Release Notes»

Taglets Version 1.x

Releases of the Taglets Collection prior to version 2.0.0 are not released as open source.

Ergon Informatik AG was kind enough to offer the core of the Taglets Collection release 1.2.1 for further development as an open source project.