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Development: Tools Used


Any third party library, build tool or utility used by the Taglets Collection is referred to as "Tool".

To keep the source distribution independent from external sites all tools used to build the project as well as all runtime libraries required are included in the source distribution if this complies with the tool license.

Please note that these webpages are generated by the tooldoc build tool that is part of the project.
Check out the tooldoc description for more information.


To simplify maintenance the tools have been arranged in the following categories:

Build Tools

Tools only required during build time of the project distribution. Binary distributions will run without these tools.

Audit Tools

This tool category provides the tools used to generate the auditing information for the Taglets Collection.

Tag Tools

The Taglets Collection has built-in support for other tools that provide or make use of JavaDoc tags out of the box. This tool category provides resources to generate the built-in tag lists for the supported tools.