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Development: Index


Welcome to the development section of the Taglets Collection.


The development section deals with development of the Taglets Collection itself. If you are interested in writing Simple Taglets using the taglets API head over to the User Guide for more information.

This document serves as an overview document for the development setup and the tools used by project Taglets Collection.

Getting started

If you are new to the Taglets Collection build environment please check out the build setup documentation to get started.

After you have built a new taglets "world" for the first time you might want to get back here and check out the rest of the developer documentation that are outlined below.

If you are new to the build tool "ant" you might want to read the first section of the build description file before trying to build the taglets "world" for the first time...


The development documentation is grouped into the following sections:

Describes how to setup the build environment and all the tools necessary to build your Taglets Collection.
Various tool primers with tips and tricks on how to use certain tools and information that we deemed noteworthy.
Describes the ant build targets available.
A description of tools (build tools, runtime libraries and utilities) that are used by the Taglets Collection.