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User Guide: To Do

This page lists ideas and things we might or might not add to a future release of the Taglets Collection.

"ToDo" Item Overview

Open Items

Closed Items

Open "ToDo" Items

The following "ToDo" items are currently open. If you would like to see another tag included in the standard distribution, have other feedback for the todo list, or even better have written a new taglet to include then don't hesitate to contact the developers.

Revision History

Name Revision History
Date 2007/03/20

Using information obtained by the various @since tags used in the JavaDoc descriptions it would be easy to create a summary of revision changes.


  • Mandatory use of @since.
  • Multiple @since tags in JavaDoc for major changes.

JavaDoc Header and Footer

Name JavaDoc Header and Footer
Date 2007/03/20

At the moment the header and footer of the JavaDoc generated has to be specified on the commandline when invoking JavaDoc. The header and footer should be configured using the taglets properties for consistency and to simplify JavaDoc execution.

Extended Param/Return Tags

Name Extended Param/Return Tags
Date 2007/04/02

It would be nice to have an extended @param and @return syntax that allows to include common usage patterns like e.g.

 * @param one "maybenull" the first parameter.
 * @param two "notnull,owner" the second parameter.
 * @return "clone" data.

Possible values should include:

Results in "one - the first parameter, may be null."
Results in "two - the second parameter, must not be null."
Results in "two - the second parameter, ownership is passed to the callee."
Results in "two - the second parameter, the callee keeps a clone of the parameter."
Used e.g. in return to create output like "true sometext, false otherwise."

List Inline Tag

Name List Inline Tag
Date 2007/04/07

Add a simple inline tag to create unordered and ordered lists:

 * {@list [ordered]
 * - An item.
 * - Multiline
 *   item.

Definition List Inline Tag

Name Definition List Inline Tag
Date 2007/04/07

Add a simple inline tag to create definition lists:

 * {@definition <separator>
 * Topic: Description.
 * Multiline: Description line one.
 *   Description line two.
 * Another Topic:
 *   Description.

PMD Audits

Name PMD Audits
Date 2007/04/09

Include PMD to audits.

Picture Inline Tag

Name Picture Inline Tag
Date 2007/04/28

Add a {@picture} inline tag that will automatically copy the picture referenced to the generated documentation directory.

In addition the {@picture} tag should support generation of thumbnails for large images and display them in a Lightbox.

Utility Inline Tag

Name Utility Inline Tag
Date 2007/04/28

Add a {@utility} inline tag that can be used in private constructors to indicate that the given final class is a utility class for which objects cannot be instantiated.

Abbreviation Inline Tag

Name Abbreviation Inline Tag
Date 2007/05/01

An {@abbr} tag should create abbreviations for ubiquitous language backed by a property file containing the definitions would come in handy.

See also the definition of Ubiquitous Language in the book Domain-Driven Design book by Eric Evans.

Mapper Inline Tag

Name Mapper Inline Tag
Date 2007/05/01

Add a mapper inline tag that maps values from a property file to translations in the JavaDoc. This will also replace the {@abbr} tag mentioned above.

The mapper inline tag should support the configuration parameter replacement that allows the use of the following parameters:

  • ${key} the input value to the tag
  • ${value} the mapping in the property file for the key
  • ${value.<suffix> mapping in the property file for the key "${key}.<suffix>"

Example: replacement= <a href="${value.url}"><abbr title="${value}">${key}</abbr></a>
For the properties foo=bar and foo.url=http://www.foo.com/ should result in
<a href="http://www.foo.com/"><abbr title="bar">foo</abbr></a>: foo

The @{abbr} tag implementation mentioned above can be kept as a simple example to illustrate how to create custom tags.

Eclipse Plugins

Name Eclipse Plugins
Date 2007/05/01

It would be nice to have an Eclipse plugin that shows extended JavaDoc tags in the documentation popups.

Also a new page in the JavaDoc wizard to create the documentation and Ant files to configure taglets would be nice.

Revamp Default Configuration

Name Revamp Default Configuration
Date 2007/05/02

Create an XML file describing the default configuration and create the actual property file as well as the user guide documentation using XSLTs.

Closed "ToDo" Items

The following "ToDo" items have already been closed. See the release information and the description of the item of interest for more information.

Demo Sources

Name Demo Sources
Release 1.9.2
Date 2007/03/20

Add some simple demonstration sources instead of Regex Demo.

Release 1.9.2 includes a few simple Java sources to show off usage of the Taglets Collection.

The Regex Demo is no longer used but still included to fiddle around regex replacements as used by the regex filter.

Class Inline Tag

Name Class Inline Tag
Release 2.0.0
Date 2007/04/28

Add a {@className} inline tag that will expand to the simple name of the class in a <code/> HTML tag.

Release 2.0.0 includes a {@className} tag that can be used without option to generate the simple class name (equivalent to {@className simple} or with option "qualified" to generate the fully qualified name: {@className qualified}.