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Welcome to the Taglets Collection

The Taglets Collection is a utility suite around the JavaDoc tool. It offers:

Preconfigured Tags
A suite of preconfigured extended tags for like formatting the text of JavaDoc comments.
Examples include: @adm $Revision: 1.11 $ $Date: 2008/03/30 12:43:22 $ for automated inclusion of formatted repository keywords or {@table ...} for simple tabular.
Built-in Generator Tags
Support for well-known generator tags like e.g. for XDoclet or EMF tags.
Examples include: @ejb.bean, @web.servlet, @hibernate.set, @axis.service or even @model.
Custom Tags
A set of easy to configure taglets that allow pattern-based definition of custom JavaDoc tags.
Examples include: Taglets that perform ANT like parameter substitution (${my.param}) or use Java regular expressions to transform tag text.
Simple Taglet API
It also provides an interface similar to the standard Taglet API which aims to be more powerful while still simpler to use.
Highlights include: Independence of J2SE and JavaDoc version, access to the JavaDoc logging facility, access to the generated documentation root and a shutdown hook.


Release 2 of the Tagles Collection is available.
Head over to the Download section to obtain the latest release.

Latest News



Taglets 2.0.3 Released.
  • Added inline tags {@at} and {@annotation}. Use those inline tags as embedded inline tags if you need to use an at sign or want to mark an annotation.
  • Added meta tag for newsfeed to web pages.
  • Moved <fileset> definitions in build file to toplevel to prevent Ant warnings about future versions that might not support this feature.


Taglets 2.0.2 Released.
  • Correctly read tags which contain an underscore character ('_').
  • Added missing hibernate tags @hibernate.any-column, @hibernate.generator-param, @hibernate.collection-key, @hibernate.collection-one-to-many.


Taglets 2.0.1 (Beta) Available.
  • Updated ant-tools to version 1.2.0.

The above table lists the first three news entries. For older news entries please refer to the News Archive.